Robert Sewell, MD to speak at Summit at the Summit Conference, Colorado July 20-26, 2015

I’ve been invited to speak at Summit at the Summit: Conference and Interactive Webcast A National Grand Rounds on the State of American Medicine Keystone, Colorado July 20-26, 2015

My topic is Building a Coalition Around Our Patients. As individual physicians we have limited ability to impact what is being done to fundamentally change our profession, and unfortunately our professional organizations have largely failed to speak effectively on behalf of independent practitioners. The one ally we have in this struggle is our patients, but they are largely unaware of what is happening inside the practice of medicine. We must look for unique and effective way of enlightening them to rally their support. It is in that spirit that I have chosen to entertain the public using a series of novels about a fictional pediatric heart surgeon and how his practice in Fort Worth is impacted by the progressive intrusion of the government, hospital administrators and big business. I invite you to check out the books at More about them later.

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